Researchers in Ohio and the north-central United States want to update soil fertility management recommendations for vegetables, and they need your help.

They first have to document current conditions in Ohio and the north-central region in vegetable soils.

Visiting every field would be impossible, so they are enlisting the help of growers of both open-field and high-tunnel vegetables.

They simply are asking commercial growers to share information already contained in their soil test reports.

The information, which will be reported in a way to protect the anonymity of growers, will be used to steer a joint industry-university group toward the most important follow-up work to improve soil health.

Participants also will receive a customized master report showing how their soils compare to a comparable test group.

The data collection began in Ohio in 2013 but is expanding to encourage input from growers in other states.

For more information, including directions on how to submit your soil report, visit Ohio State University.