Software helps you manage scouting, pest dataSpensa Technologies Inc. has developed pest management software that allows growers and consultants to organize, store and share information gleaned from scouting fields and orchards.

MyTraps Scout allows users to use mobile devises, such as smart phones and tablets, to document findings using text, photographs, audio and video, according to a news release.

"Scouting reports are synchronized with, where users can access data, see trends and determine trouble areas on their property," president and chief executive officer Johnny Park said in the release. "The reports are automatically and securely stored. They can be reviewed by chronology or geography, and are easily shared via email."

The program also could increase transparency and trust between crop consultants and farmers.

If a consultant, for example, georeferenced a site using a global positioning system, growers can revisit the exact location.

Using photographs, georeferencing and time stamps clarifies communications, according to the release.

The app also works with Z-Trap's, West Lafayette, Ill.-based Spensa's automated insect trap.

MyTrap is available for Web