The Texas Department of Agriculture has established its third citrus greening quarantine in Hidalgo County after officials confirmed a tree with the bacterial disease near Donna.

The quarantine covers all citrus within a 5-mile radius of the La Blanca area between Edinburg and Elsa along Highway 107, according to a news release.

The move prevents citrus plant movement within or out of the quarantine zones.

Fruit can be moved, providing growers first remove all stems and plant leaves or spray a recommended insecticide before harvest.

These steps are designed to minimize the movement of Asian citrus psyllid, the insect that spreads citrus greening, out of the zones.

The other two quarantines include an area around San Juan, established in January 2012, and one around Mission, established Sept. 24, 2013. Both are in the Rio Grande Valley.

Although harmless to humans and other animals, citrus greening can kill citrus trees. There is no known cure.

In Florida, where the disease is entrenched, it has caused the billions of dollars in losses.