The University of California has totally revised its citrus production guide, condensing down the 1970s-vintage five-volume "The Citrus Industry" into a single publication.

The new 434-page "Citrus Production Manual" is written for growers, nurserymen, pest control advisers and regulatory agencies, according to a news release.

It contains the latest on citrus greening, citrus leafminer and a host of other diseases and pests.

In addition, it addresses orchard establishment, irrigation and fertigation, nutrient management, frost protection and postharvest handling.

One chapter examines emerging issues, such as water quality, precision agriculture, ozone pollution and biotechnology.

Many of these topics may not be covered in the university's other publications—"IPM for Citrus" and "Citrus Pest Management Guidelines."

Several of the university's citrus experts contributed to the manual.

Beth Grafton-Caldwell, a research entomologist and director of the UC Lindcove Research and Extension Center, and Louise Ferguson, a Cooperative Extension pomologist, were the technical editors.

The manual is available for $75 and can be ordered through UC Agriculture and Natural Resources publications or by calling 800-994-8849.