Kelowna, British Columbia-based BC Tree Fruits Cooperative says it is looking for a record cherry crop this year.

Cooler weather this spring has resulted in a later start to the season for all commodities, which means consumers will get cherries by the end of June, the co-op said in a news release.

BC Tree Fruits is forecasting it will have a record 12 million pounds of cherries for the upcoming season. Last year’s take was 8 million pounds, which weather had reduced from a 12 million-pound forecast, according to the release.

BC Tree Fruits also said it is expecting “very good” volumes of peaches, nectarines, prunes, plums and grapes, with volumes similar to last year.

“With weather serving up a cooler spring this year, it has enabled our grower base to be prepared for a delicious and high quality crop of cherries at more traditional timing,” BC Tree Fruits Marketing Manager Chris Pollock said in the release. “Cherries and the rest of our summer fruits went through the bloom period exceptionally well and our growers are excited for a great crop this year with harvest starting end of June for cherries in the south, with the fruit hitting retail shelves very soon after.”

The primary market for BC Tree Fruits summer fruits is Western Canada, although the co-op also continues to export increased volumes of cherries to the U.S. and other markets, according to the release.