The cross-promotion of bananas and the Universal Studios animated film “Minions” on the Chiquita FanFun app aims to win over consumers in part by turning fruit stickers into digital collectibles.

The third film in the “Despicable Me” series, whose namesake characters love bananas, will be released July 10. The retail and online promotion began in early June and runs through Aug. 15, said Adam Lavine, CEO at FunMobility, which developed the app with Chiquita Brands International.

“When the consumer scans a Chiquita banana sticker, they unlock it in a virtual sticker book,” Lavine said. “So as you scan these bananas, they see the labels appear in the book that you can access through your phone or computer. It’s like Pokemon, people want to collect them all.” There are 32 stickers.

Consumer participation is tracked, and so far FunMobility likes the numbers.

“The average user is spending four minutes engaging with the brand digitally,” Lavine said. “About half are returning, so we’re seeing good reengagement numbers as well.”

Every time a sticker is scanned or the site is visited, consumers can win a prize — “Minions” towels or water bottles, for example, or digital prizes like games or wallpaper.

The promotion is happening in 27 countries.

“This is the first time to my knowledge digital content has been used to differentiate a commodity item like fruit,” Lavine said. “I think it’s big for Chiquita because they’re trying to get away from being a poundage product, where the margin is less, and get better in-store placement because bananas are an impulse purchase. They can drive their sales up to 15% by being closer to the door.”

About half of consumers scanning the banana stickers have provided an e-mail address or phone number, opting in to additional communications from Chiquita.

“I see Chiquita really maximizing this,” Lavine said. “They’re doing a good job using their product to turn anonymous foot traffic into a mobile first consumer database.”