The Environmental Protection Agency recently registered the new low-odor Lorsban Advanced from Dow AgroSciences of Indianapolis.

The product, which contains the active ingredient chlorpyrifos, provides the same control as the old formulation, Lorsban-4E, but it is water based and low-odor, according to a news release.

Lorsban Advanced is an emulsion in water, or EW, compared with Lorsban-4E, which is an emulsifiable concentrate, or EC. Use rates for the new formulation are the same as for the EC formulation, according to the release.

The new formulation also meets California's volatile organic compound, or VOC, requirements.

It provides broad-spectrum control of cutworms, aphids, scale, spider mites, citrus psylla, lepidopterous insects and other pests. The product also can be tankmixed with other fungicides or insecticides.

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