Extending shelf life and reducing food waste are two of the benefits of the It’s Fresh! ethylene filter system.
The It’s Fresh! filter absorbs ethylene, the naturally occurring gas that ripens fruits and vegetables, according to a news release from the Eden Prairie, Minn.-based company. 
The filter slows the maturation process, extends shelf life and substantially reduces waste, according to the release.
Kingsburg Orchards has used It’s Fresh! technology extensively in both domestic and export shipments over the past four years, Brian Keavy, vice president of sales and marketing at the Kingsburg, Calif., company, said in the release. “We’ve found that it extends the shelf life of our fruit by an average of four extra days,” he said. “That equates to a net benefit of $2 to $3 per case.”
New Zealand exporter John Miller, director for New Zealand-based exporter Foodview, said the firm uses the It’s Fresh! filter to help ensure their Zealand cherries reach consumers in premium condition. 
“We’ve also found that It’s Fresh! enabled our cherries to stay fresh in-store and in our customers’ refrigerators at home for about 10 days longer,” he said in the release. The It’s Fresh! filters help reduce the risk of problems due to over-ripening, and Miller said that translates to better quality on arrival, less waste and the ability to add value to the company’s brand.
A recent research project by Jeff Brecht from the University of Florida showed It’s Fresh! filters will inhibit the development of external decay if it begins to develop, according to the release.
“We’ve been working with many farmers across the U.S. in developing programs that reduce waste and improve their bottom lines,” Dean Martel, senior sales director for It’s Fresh!, said in the release. “We are also working with Albertson’s southern regions, developing a waste reduction program that is already delivering measurable results.”