Giumarra Wenatchee is offering its second season of New Zealand grown kiwiberries through Seeka.
“With the ever-growing global demand for kiwiberries, production is increasing at a record pace, allowing us to provide good volumes of high quality product for an extended period of time,” Jason Bushong, division manager of Giumarra Wenatchee, said in a news release. “All product is shipped via air to assure optimum quality, shelf life, and flavor.”
Kiwiberries are a convenient snack, as they require no peeling. They are grown in the Bay of Plenty of New Zealand’s North Island.
“We recommend merchandising kiwiberries in the refrigerated berry section to take advantage of the high sales volume and consumer popularity of the berry category,” Scott Ross, eastern region business manager, said in the release. “There is untapped marketing potential for kiwiberries due to their nutrient density, convenience, and distinctiveness.” 
Kiwiberries are sold in 4.4- and 18-ounce clamshells and is available on both coasts.