January apple sales were driven by Honeycrisp and club apple varieties, according to Stemilt Growers LLC.
Wenatchee, Wash.-based Stemilt released a Fruit Tracker Fast Facts video analysis that said 11.5% of apple sales across the U.S. in January were Honeycrisp apples, up 2.8% from the same time a year ago.
The average retail price of Honeycrisp was 55 cents per pound lower than a year ago, averaging $2.82 per pound in January this year.
The report, which sifts through Nielsen retail scan data, said apples made up 6.8% of total U.S. produce department sales in January.
“For the second consecutive month, the Central region topped national performance with 7.6% of produce sales coming from apples,” Brianna Shales, Stemilt communications manager, said in a news release. Shales said retailers in all regions of the U.S. can benefit from ample supply of apple promotion opportunities.
Club varieties performed well in January, according to the release. Jazz saw a 14.5% increase in its average retail compared to 2016, but sold 13.4% less volume. 
Piñata, marketed by Stemilt since 2009, sold equal volume compared to 2016, and its retail price was up 2%, according to the release. Envy sales volume increased 33.8% and the retail price increase for Envy was 2.1%, according to the release.
In January, 60.7% of apples were sold bulk while the remaining 39.8% were sold bagged, according to the release. Of bagged apple sales, the release said a combined 81.8% of bags sold were in either 3-pound or 5-pound bags.
Shales said in the release that bulk sales are the main dollar and volume driver to the apple category, but bags can offer retailers the opportunity for secondary or “in and out” promotions to drive up consumer purchases.