The University of Idaho has added four publications to its line-up of reference materials on potato production.

The 130-page “Field Guide to Potato Pests” is a practical, pocket-sized guide to the weeds, diseases, nematodes and insects that affect Idaho’s pototes, according to a news release

Written in both English and Spanish, it includes photographs of the crop stages during which each pest is likely to attack and is intended to increase early identification of pests by field workers.

It can be can be purchased for $5 plus shipping and handling by calling Educational Communications at (208) 885-7982 or e-mailing

“Cultural Management of Western Russet Potatoes” and “Storage Management of Western Russet Potatoes” can be downloaded from Educational Communications’ online catalog at

Western Russet is a medium- to high-yielding multi-purpose potato released in 2004 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and agricultural experiment stations in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

The publications offer storage recommendations based on two years of testing at the University of Idaho’s Kimberly Research and Extension Center, as well as research-based information on managing seed, planting, nutrients, irrigation, weeds and diseases.

“Wireworm Biology and Nonchemical Management in Potatoes in the Pacific Northwest” is one of a series of organic potato production bulletins developed by Oregon State University personnel and 11 farmers. It is available both online and in print.

It reviews the scientific literature on wireworm and provides information on the pest's biology, monitoring, risk assessment and nonchemical control options. The 20-page printed publication costs $4.50 plus shipping and handling.

It an be ordered through Washington State University.

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