Two well-known produce industry consultants have partnered to help owners looking to sell their businesses.

Julie Krivanek of Krivanek Consulting Inc. in Denver and Steve Grinstead of The Grinstead Group in Dallas are offering a two-part service, according to a news release.

Krivanek will focus on strategic ways to increase a company’s value before offering it for sale, and then Grinstead will then work to make the sale.


“After years of hard work building your company, when you’re ready to take that next step we can position you to get the most worth,” Krivanek said in the release.

“Julie and I bring insiders’ perspectives to our industry colleagues that they won’t get from merger and acquisition companies who don’t understand the unique world of fresh produce,” Grinstead said in the release.

After analyzing the business, leadership and company culture, Krivanek then works with company leaders to design a growth strategy, also providing coaching. Grinstead determines the valuation of the higher-performing company, identifies potential buyers and negotiates and closes the sale.

“Behind that process is a team that has a combined 85 years’ worth of business experience, including long track records as executives ourselves — most of it in the fresh produce industry,” Grinstead said in the release.


Krivanek’s background includes more than 15 years as a Fortune 10 vice president, including the company’s mergers and acquisitions team. For more than 25 years, she has provided management and strategic consulting to produce industry leaders, according to the release. 

Grinstead formed The Grinstead Group in 2015 after leaving as CEO of fresh produce distributor Pro*Act. His consultancy focuses on mergers and acquisitions, executive placement and more for fresh food companies, according to the release.

“This special package is for those owners who are looking for the ‘1+1=3’ synergy that Steve and I provide when we join forces,” Krivanek said in the release, noting that both firms continue as individual entities offering consulting services.