Renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement will be a featured topic at the 2017 Apple Crop Outlook & Marketing Conference.

Keynotes by government officials from Mexico and Canada will begin the event, according to a news release. With the first round of NAFTA negotiations expected to be complete by the time the conference begins, speakers will discuss possible outcomes and the effects of each on the industry.

The negotiations are garnering significant interest because about one-third of U.S. apples are exported, and Mexico and Canada are the top markets for the fruit.

Consumer buying habits and crop production estimates are also going to be covered at the conference, which is Aug. 24-25 in Chicago.

Projections for regions in the U.S. and for Europe, China, Canada, Mexico and South America will be reviewed. A processing panel will examine that side of the business, and there will also be research presented on buying habits related to the safety of produce.

New to the event this year is a trade media panel, which will include Greg Johnson, editor of The Packer.

Johnson and others will discuss the effect of public perceptions on produce consumption as well as which elements make a story newsworthy.