Mission Produce, Oxnard, Calif., has unveiled a new box for organic avocados, aiming to make it distinctive to employees in the back room and consumers in the produce aisle.

The box, with a purple stripe on white background, comes in a single-layer flat and double-layer box.

The company continues to use purple mesh bags for some organic avocados and purple price look-up stickers to distinguish the organic avocados.

“This box will call out organic avocados in the back room as well as on the sales floor,” Megan Berenbach, organic category manager for Mission Produce, said in a news release. “It helps to highlight the organic fruit for backroom staff and will help them identify inventory as they pull Mission organic avocados for display.

“As the organic category grows, we made it a priority to support our customer’s needs with updated packaging,” she said in the relase.

“Based on the popularity and growth of the avocado category — and especially organic avocados — we feel strongly that we need to do more to highlight organic for retailers and consumers alike,” said vice president of marketing Robb Bertels. “According to the Hass Avocado Board, over 50% heavy avocado users consider organic to be an important attribute when they are on the path to purchase. We don’t expect that to slow down, and anything we can do to highlight organic will benefit the category.”