September is National Food Safety Month, and the Washington, D.C.-based National Restaurant Association plans to mark the occasion with educational events themed around “The Culture of Food Safety.”
“Food safety has established itself as a critical point in a restaurant’s success,” Sherman Brown, senior vice president of NRA’s ServSafe program, said in a news release. “As customers set higher levels of expectation, a restaurant’s success becomes ever more dependent on the proper food safety training of its employees. Throughout this year’s NFSM campaign, we will provide the industry with the tools and resources needed to build a strong food safety culture.”
Each week in September features a different theme to help restaurants develop a comprehensive food safety culture, according to the release. 
The themes:
  • Week 1: What is food safety?;
  • Week 2: Handwashing;
  • Week 3: The role of food safety; and
  • Week 4: Time and temperature control.
Training tools and resources including activities, posters, infographics and videos will be available for each theme, according to the release.
The campaign is sponsored by Tork and P&G Professional.
NRA created National Food Safety Month in 1994 to increase food safety education, according to the release.