The past few years have seen several produce trends take off and lead to more sales for growers, shippers and retailers.
Organic, value-added and local produce have all been successful with consumers, and all expect to continue to grow.
But most studies on fruit and vegetable consumption continue to show flat growth, and situations we’re seeing now with overproduction highlight a major produce industry sore spot.
Last month we covered Florida vegetable growers who were producing more than normal because of excellent weather, but with no corresponding increase in demand, prices were dropping and many growers were letting some supplies rot in the field.
This month we highlight west Mexico, which has seen similar excellent weather and strong volume being met with indifferent demand and rock-bottom prices. 
While organic and value-added have driven sales increases in fruits and vegetables, increasing produce consumption will ultimately lead to better health for the industry and consumers.
The entire supply chain, from growers to marketers to retailers, needs to take a critical look at the consumption programs that are in place, and if they’re not working, start looking at fresh ideas.
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