Red Tomato, a non-profit fresh produce marketer in Plainville, Mass., partnered with the Equitable Food Initiative on a pilot for mid-sized farms in the Northeast.

The pilot combines training and worker engagement with a certification and labeling program to address farm labor, food safety and pest management, according to a release.

Two farms in Red Tomato’s network are participating this season.

“Throughout our 20-year history, we’ve worked with our growers to understand the many issues surrounding farm labor,” Laura Edwards-Orr, Red Tomato’s executive director, said in a news release.

“When we began discussions with EFI, growers in our network we’re especially interested in the worker training and empowerment component of the program. Farmers see value in food safety and lean management training that empowers their employees to improve product quality, but also workflow, farm productivity and profitability.”

The Red Tomato-EFI pilot will look at how EFI certification can be applied to mid-sized farms in the Northeast.

The project will be funded in part by Oxfam American and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Local Food Promotion Program.