Crunch Time Apple Growers’ winter apple RubyFrost will be available at select retailers nationwide for the next few months.

“We can’t wait to get these great apples back to their fans,” said Mark Russell, marketing director and RubyFrost grower, in a news release. The trademarked apple from Cornell University is known for its ruby red color, sweet and tart flavor and crunchy texture.

“All of our growers are provided information and work with Cornell on proper growing techniques and the correct time to harvest. So we provide our growers with a lot of information,” Robin Leous, business manager, said.

The support from the university helps Crunch Time ensure quality. This year’s RubyFrost crop was about 30% larger than last, she said.

“We do have coverage, pretty much nationwide,” Leous said, referring to the variety’s availability at retail. “It’s not complete coverage. Certain stores have a wider reach with their national brands, but they may not put them in all of their divisions.”

Crunch Time is also offering retailers marketing assistance to generate more interest in the specialty apple. “We can activate a broad range of conventional and digital tools, including coupons and in-store sampling, as well as high-graphic displays and point-of-sale materials,” Russell said in the release.

The apples are harvested in October and held in storage until January, when they are shipped. RubyFrost will be available at retailers through the end of March, and possibly into April.