South Africa-based Ceres Fruit Growers Ltd. says it has increased its storage capacity while maintaining full product accessibility and improving air circulation, with the aid of a mobile racking product, Poweracks by Storax.

“For over 20 years, we have been utilizing Poweracks in our produce distribution facilities — which has allowed us to increase our practical storage capacity by 75-80% and decrease our energy costs due to improved air circulation,” Deon Schickerling, electrical & refrigeration manager at Ceres, said in a news release.

 Increasing storage capacity within cold-storage environments is not only relevant but necessary, said Todd Jessup, principal of Flexspace. Flexspace is the exclusive North American partner to Storax, through Storax America, Charleston, S.C.

“Energy costs are a major contributor to cold storage facilities’ overall operating expenditures,” he said in the release. “By eliminating and replacing static access aisles with moveable aisles, facilities can increase their storage capacity by 100% within the same building footprint. The level of efficiency and productivity also increases with unobstructed access to every product storage location while decreasing the number of forklift touches.”

Perishable cold storage environments balance maximizing storage capacity with temperature and humidity control. When air circulation is optimized, product is able maintain its shelf life, according to the release.