Nunhems, which is Bayer CropScience's vegetable seed arm, has moved its U.S. research activities to Davis, Calif., from Brooks, Ore.

The relocation involved the transfer of the molecular and cell biology laboratories as well as the produce quality analysis facilities, according to a news release.

Brooks will continue to serve as a major breeding station.

A Nunhems official says the company made the move to be closer to the university, which has a seed biotechnology program.

“Plant science research is moving forward at an amazing speed, and it is vital for Nunhems to keep abreast of these developments” says Johan Peleman, Nunhems managing director for research and development. “The University of California at Davis, one of the world’s top plant science institutes, is right around the corner from our new location. This will enable us to keep track of the latest agricultural research and technologies and set up mutually beneficial collaborations with select laboratories.”

Nunhems, which is based in Haelen, The Netherlands, offers 28 species, including carrots, onions, melons, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelons, lettuce and peppers. It markets more than 2,500 vegetable varieties.