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Food deserts shrink, but love handles stay

03/16/2012 08:31:00 AM
Fred Wilkinson

Sturm also questions the contention that proximity to supermarkets necessarily improves diets — or sales of fresh produce, saying that if having a supermarket within a mile of your house makes you eat fresh fruits and vegetables, “By the same logic, supermarkets also make you drink soda.”

He does rightly agree that supermarkets provide more food variety and more options for eating healthily but cautions against seeing more supermarkets as a way to address the obesity epidemic.

Changing priorities in federal food policy has put the fresh produce industry in an enviable position compared to marketers of meat and many processed foods.

Having Americans be urged to make your product half their meal as official government policy is where you want to be. 

Thanks MyPlate.

But government recommendations can only go so far in actually making the changes they urge become reality.

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Doug Stoiber    
Raleigh, NC  |  March, 27, 2012 at 07:18 AM

Excellent piece, Fred. It's easy to get on the wrong side of an argument when one question's the government's involvement in trying to influence free markets - believe me, I have taken some arrows on the controversial subject of the 'food deserts'. Good intentions often trump good, sound research in areas like nutrition, and while valuable background information like yours is slow to make its way into the public discussion, bureaucrats have already rushed to pump tax dollars into a solution to a problem that may not exist - at least not at the levels claimed by the advocates for more government spending. Thanks for going to another level on this story.

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