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Immigration is a bigger problem than Hillary realizes

06/20/2014 09:57:00 AM
Greg Johnson

Republican voters do not want to reward law breakers, bring in millions of new Democratic voters, bring in more people to compete for their jobs, bring in people to stress the social services.

Not only that but in the past few weeks, Americans are seeing news of illegal immigrant minors from Central America arriving at the southern border by the thousands daily, and the Obama administration unable to handle it either operationally or politically.

In mid-June, the National Border Patrol Council called the situation “de facto amnesty,” saying the Obama administration and U.S. media have spread the message that if enough people crowd the border, the U.S. will simply release them within the country.

This only feeds the amnesty fears among conservative voters.

The produce industry certainly needs some legislative action on immigration, but trying to persuade Republican House members to go along with the Senate bill is simply a waste of time in the current political environment.

The produce industry can’t win by backing reform policies tied to any amnesty, or any eventual citizenship granted to people who came here illegally.

The industry should continue to focus on the facets that a majority of Americans support: agriculture is important, and guest workers are needed because most Americans will not take farm jobs.

Build on that.

Politicians everywhere were paying attention to what voters told Cantor, and those candidates who need conservative voters to keep them in office will not make the same mistake.

In fact, the produce industry needs to be careful it doesn’t get caught up in anti-amnesty politics as the heat rises this summer election season.

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Raleigh NC  |  June, 25, 2014 at 09:07 AM

Greg, thanks for pointing out Clinton's deliberate misstatement of the issue of immigration, and for stating plainly and without bias how the mood of the voters is being manifest in elections. Your words will not likely be greeted warmly by growers, but they are nonetheless necessary for a common sense debate on the issue.

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