I recently read your piece by staff writer Vicky Boyd, “Has food safety gone to the dogs?” (Feb. 17, Page B1). And yes, food safety has gone to the dogs — due to the dumb farmers, including myself.

The words “dumb farmers” I have heard many times in my life. The proof is in the fact that the well-educated lead them like animals by making the rules.

This program is the most lopsided ever made. It began three years ago with the wood pallets, which has been swept under the rug. They expect farms to be hospital clean by keeping the birds and animals out of the farms.

As Vicky Boyd and others have seen, thousands of people pick up produce every day in supermarkets, look at it, and put it back. Where have those hands been before? Some have just come from the bathroom.

Children ride in shopping carts, perhaps with wet diapers. At this date, half of the U.S. has a flu epidemic. Research could show that this is spread with bacteria and disease by the millions of shopping carts handled and used daily.

Carts are never washed or sanitized in any manner that can be seen. Don’t touch the doorknob or the faucet handle or the toilet handle — you could catch the flu from the last person who did!

It is very upsetting of supermarkets to freely flood the country with bacteria and disease as is being done while the dumb farmer must spend time and money to produce safe food for the supermarket’s profit.

The American farmer produces the largest volume of the highest quality food at the lowest prices of any country in the world.

He deserves no less than what he gives.


Earl Reichle, owner

Reichle Farms

South Windsor, Conn.