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Not even free is cheap enough for some

12/12/2013 06:32:00 PM
Pamela Riemenschneider

They found the average was just 28 cents per serving for fruit, and 21 cents per serving for vegetables, with your full recommended daily servings costing a very attainable $2.18. We’ve had some price inflation since, but not that dramatic.

In the report you can also find some information about the least expensive fruits and vegetables per serving, great information to share with cash-strapped consumers looking for more bang (and in this case a healthier serving) for their buck. 

Among the least expensive fruits and vegetables per serving:


  •  watermelon;
  •  apples;
  •  pears;
  •  bananas;
  •  pineapples;
  •  potatoes;
  •  lettuce/salad;
  •  cooking greens;
  •  summer squash; and
  •  carrots.


Next time I see that panhandler corner occupied, perhaps I’ll try a baby peeled carrot snack pack or something.

Maybe he didn’t like apples.

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Kathy Means    
Newark, DE  |  December, 17, 2013 at 11:17 AM

We need more fruit and vegetable evangelists like you. PMA's study, as well as those from USDA, Center for Science in the Public Interest, and the Harvard study you cite, show that eating fruits and vegetables is not expensive. I would add that with the convenience items growing like gangbusters, it's also not time- or labor-intensive. Let's all keep spreading the word that tasty, convenient, healthful fruits and vegetables are the way to go. Fill half your plate with them!

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