Getting children to eat healthy diets with adequate servings of fresh fruits and vegetables takes a group effort, whether at home or at school.

So it’s disappointing that a school system in Monterey, Calif. — right in the backyard of the Salad Bowl of the World — removed half a dozen salad bars.

All the more ironic is that the district recently had a representative at United Fresh 2013 in San Diego to help mark the donation of 436 salad bars to California schools.

Even more unfortunate is that the public-private partnership to help orient kids toward making smart food choices is in question because of a labor dispute.

Salad bars were removed after lunchroom workers complained that the work required to maintain them was not within their contract obligations.

The Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools effort has thus far been a welcome change in school nutrition policy that for too long was more focused on tater tots, corn dogs and other less than nutritionally balanced lunch options.

District officials plan talks with union leadership aimed at returning salad bars to the elementary schools by the fall.

District and union representatives need to act like adults and keep the focus on what’s best for the kids.

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