Code of conduct dream falls short of reality

Will investments in sustainability, improved worker conditions and other initiatives pay off for suppliers? Coverage from the United Kingdom suggests there is some worry, both from the buying and supply side,... Read more.

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More - and less - matters

“More Matters” is the tagline for the Produce for Better Health Foundation. But shouldn’t it be, “More - and less - Matters”? This story takes a critical look at the “one... Read more.

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Confounded confections: Lidl gives parents a needed hand

Can supermarkets influence the health of their consumers? If so, should retailers be graded - a kind of sustainability standard for customer health - for their efforts? The world does need help. It... Read more.

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Megalomania and other modest propositions

As a modest Midwest journalist, I suppose it surprises me to think that there are really people that read what I write. It is the opposite ego trip to the notion - which I am susceptible to as well... Read more.

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