Specialty crop alarm raised over 2,4-D resistant corn and soybean

To crudely reshape the old quote from Rudyard Kipling about the east and west, produce is produce and grain is grain and never the twain shall meet. At least, that’s generally been my experience... Read more.

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Clean plate club needed again

If you serve it, they should eat it. That used to be the American way, and perhaps the time is right to return to the principles of the World War I-era Clean Plate Club. Yes if the U.S. Department... Read more.

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When I first started looking at nutrition labels

About a week ago my doctor was going over the results of my “blood work” (an inelegant phrase, to be sure) from my latest physical. He said that my “good cholesterol” is somewhat... Read more.

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Chiquita Fyffes download: brands to continue with higher prices?

Big Monday morning news today with word that Chiquita and Fyffes want to merge. Find The Packer’s initial coverage from Coral Beach here. The story also has traction on the net. Here are a... Read more.

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