Government, consumers and the produce industry should all benefit from the new MyPlate nutrition guide.

Finally, common sense and practicality have arrived to direct Americans’ food choices. Story, A1

No one ever let the abstract pyramid be their meal guide.

Americans can easily grasp that fruits and vegetables should be half of every meal.

The good news from this is overwhelmingly good.

But, there are some concerns:

  • Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack was vague about how U.S. Department of Agriculture will use the icon. Now is the time to pressure USDA to allocate resources closer to what it recommends.
  • Some have touted the new icon as “transformative,” but no previous amount of guidance has had much lasting effect on food choices.
  • How quickly will the produce industry embrace the icon and its message, and what happens to More Matters? We don’t see the need for two competing messages.
  • Politics has always played a huge role in government nutrition programs, so no doubt there are food segments that didn’t get what they wanted. We’ve heard some speculation that this was driven more from the Obama administration than USDA, which puts MyPlate in a less secure place in the future.
  • The logo is a little lame. Jazz it up with some actual food items rather than colored pie pieces. PBH says it will use a plate with images in its promotions.

Overall, though, MyPlate, with its half a plate of produce, is a huge win.