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Letter: Sprouts’ health benefits should not be ignored

08/03/2012 09:23:00 AM
Bob Rust

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Australia  |  August, 04, 2012 at 04:09 PM

Removal of sprouts from restaurant menus is really concerning. At a time when diets globally are becoming progressively more loaded with over-processed junk food, fresh sprouts are an excellent way to add some fresh concentrated nutrition. Broccoli sprouts in particular are not just a source of vitamins and minerals; they are the most concentrated source of sulforaphane a powerful activator of cellular defences. Sulforaphane is an example of a 'NUTRIGENOMIC' food ingredient which 'switches on' hundreds of protective genes. Scientists are so impressed by the potential of this extraordinary plant food compound that it is being actively researched in laboratories all around the world. Because its role is to make our cells function mor efficiently, its benefit is applicable to everyone. So whoever makes the sorts of decisions that see sprouts removed from restaurant menus, should really investigate the matter further. Because broccoli sprouts are so much more concentrated in bioactivity than the mature vegetable, even a small serve provides enormous potential benefit. A quick look at the rising levels of obesity-related illness will confirm the fact that Americans need every opportunity to improve their diets.

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