Tell it to The Packer | Letter to the Editor

John Sauve
Managing director
Swardlick Marketing Group
Portland, Maine

In the Jan. 31 edition of The Packer, one of the most interesting research findings on the potential health benefits of fruits and veggies was covered in an article by Tom Karst. This research came out of a major study in Europe. The findings were remarkable.

The title of the article was “Study links produce to less heart disease” … a rather quiet but semi-accurate article heading.

Well, this really good article was published on page A8 of The Packer. Not page 1. Page A8. Page 1 focused on lettuce prices.

Is something wrong here? Are we missing something? Why is this potential breakthrough health story on page 8?

Research on the health benefits of fruits and veggies is boring stuff ... right?

And we all know about the health benefits of fruits and veggies. Who needs more info?

Well, in my opinion, there will be a primary reason plates will be half full of fruits and veggies at some point, and it won’t be principally taste-, convenience-, or price-driven.

It will be the core essence of fruits and veggies as a product category that lies in their inherent health attributes and benefits, brought to life through smart business/marketing strategies and research that will pack the plate half full of healthy colors.

Now, let’s send some produce folks over to Europe to hug those wonderful researchers who gave us this great stuff ... and ask them to keep going.

Research alone won’t be the game changer. But the creative coverage and marketing of that research, and the researchers, will be key players.