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Is tomato peace at hand?

11/14/2012 04:35:00 AM
Tom Karst


From Jennifer:

This was not a good program. Glad to see it gone. This program never protected public
health when the sample results took so long to be confirmed. Companies affected were
notified long after the product had been consumed. Those that want to see this type of
program continue need to support a program that will actually protect consumers, and this
was not it.


TK: Testing of produce for pathogens should be conducted by the FDA. The USDA's industry-friendly mission never squared with the way the program came to be run.  It is better for all concerned that it is no longer operating, provided sufficient safeguards are in place to provide an alert for any widespread contamination incident.


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Pheonix AZ  |  November, 14, 2012 at 01:29 PM

Dole Food company was just implicated for purchasing bananas from a company in Guatemala which destroyed wetlands and contaminated the groundwater with pesticides. This is despite Doles purported committment to the environment. This is yet another example of why programs like USDA's Microbiological Data Program are needed and necesary. These companies put the almighty dollar above the environment, customer safety, food safety, and dare I say worker safety. When the industry cleans up its act and there are no more pathogens detected by MDP, or reports like this about buying from unscrupulous growers, then we will see about getting rid of programs like MDP. Until then, get used to them!

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