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Reader mail and does more matter for weight loss?

The impact of the California drought continues to draw widespread media attention, with no break in the drought and long-term implications as grave as ever. Perhaps the best hope is that El Nino weather... Read more.

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Dipping: Veggie consumption falters?

Brace yourself: Americans consumed less vegetables in 2013. A lot less, in fact. The dip was reported in a recent USDA ERS report, which reported that U.S. per capita use of fresh vegetables dipped... Read more.

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Organic insurance options grow; fraud too?

Enjoying listening to Amazon Prime Music tonight (“I would trade all my tomorrows for that single yesterday..”) as I sift through e-mails that rolled in while I was rolled up last week. Ferd... Read more.

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Smelling strawberries and summer time

Coming out of a drug-induced haze over the past few days (not to worry, it was general anesthesia at the hospital), I find plenty of interesting news in the produce world upon my return. In particular,... Read more.

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