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Recess before lunch = more fruit and veggie consumption

Ask any first grader — just about anything in life is made better by recess. You remember recess — with the boundary-less soccer games, spontaneous sprints across the playground, the... Read more.

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Breakfast session speaker leaves industry to ponder GMO future

I sometimes wonder what circa 1960s-era industry professionals would think about some of the keynote speakers at produce shows that we sometimes see today. You know the expert I am referring to —... Read more.

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We need a produce market index! Wait, we have one....

In this at-a-glance world we live, perhaps the most quickly digested number we see each day is the daily accounting of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The radio guy tells us the Dow is up 250 points... Read more.

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Economy needs more kids

Kids — and by kids, I mean not just my own three adult kids but also all 20- and 30-something youngsters within earshot — it is time to step it up. I read this morning that the U.S. economy... Read more.

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