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Economy needs more kids

Kids — and by kids, I mean not just my own three adult kids but also all 20- and 30-something youngsters within earshot — it is time to step it up. I read this morning that the U.S. economy... Read more.

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Take my conversation as your tip

The courtesy van, a third party brown van with bronze lettering on the side panel, pulled up to my Orlando hotel. I lugged my computer bag, an ungainly and damnable tripod and my lunch-pail sized digital... Read more.

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Curse you, polar vortex and other news

For those of you waking up in Florida or Southern California, I envy you today. The chill map in the U.S. tells a story of bitterly cold temperatures throughout the Midwest, with wind chills in the... Read more.

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Kale and Brussels sprouts clean up in 2014

Among the potential sources to glean food trends, self-reported food diaries may not necessarily rank at the top of the list. Still, it is worth noting that the folks at MyFitnessPal app have collected... Read more.

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