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Apple country issues

Sitting here in the KCI airport and enjoying free wifi, I a collecting a few thoughts while a prepare for a five-hour flight to Seattle. The news of the USDA's proposal to allow apple imports from... Read more.

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Getting older, but still young at heart

We were cruising through the lobby of my in-laws’ retirement home the other day on the way up to their apartment for our regular a visit and we noticed a crowd gathered on the back patio of... Read more.

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So you are telling me there is a chance?

The dogged pursuit of immigration reform by agriculture leaders and other advocates, in spite of periodic and predictable rejection by Congress for year upon year reminds me of that scene from the... Read more.

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Wal-Mart’s worries not unique

Is Wal-Mart worried? One of the trending stories in the world of supermarkets is the future of Wal-Mart. Coverage of the company this morning notes possible new directions, as the global chain’s... Read more.

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