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Future beckons with grand vision, but is it real?

Imagine a grocery shopping trip in ten years. What will it be like? For one thing, it may not be a “trip” at all. After all, the online publication Business Insider reports that online... Read more.

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Fruit and veggies Matter More! That too

I ran across a story today on the Web touting fruit and veggie consumption, but with an unexpected twist. From the Las Cruces News, a story headlined “Dept. of Health: Fruits and veggies matter... Read more.

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Predictable research and obvious science, but what to do?

Even the most self-evident science can teach us something. Often times, I click on a story related to diet, the appeal of organic foods, or some other socio-economic measure about food consumption... Read more.

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Food safety law is X event for the food industry

I’m reading an e-book right now called “X events: the collapse of everything.” Cheery, right? The book, authored by John Casti, examines various doomsday scenarios for human society, ranging from super... Read more.

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