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Consumer expenditures report tracks fruit and vegetable spending

It’s a funny thing, how we think we don’t really spend any money, yet it somehow disappears. It happens, aided by automated bill pay to utilities, automatic debits from our checking accounts... Read more.

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Farm retail margins and other mysteries

I got an e-mail the other day from a public radio station looking for some insight on produce pricing. I wasn’t able to participate in an “on-air” discussion of tomato pricing (duty... Read more.

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SNA allowing child nutrition debate to become political

I’m on the ground in Chicago, and gearing up for the Midwest Produce Expo. Check my twitter feed @tckarst for a sweet view out the 23rd story of the Hyatt Regency I snapped just now. My wife... Read more.

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Fruits outshine veggies in fresh produce family

Did you ever wonder — possibly about your own kids — how and why two children in the same family were so different from one another? But there is no disputing the facts. In the fresh... Read more.

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