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Lower fuel prices leave consumers more jingle

Given the free fall in the price of fuel prices, produce distributors should offer their customers a fuel rebate. I kid, of course, but it is remarkable to observe the decline in fuel prices in recent... Read more.

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USA: still the cheap food nirvana

It is a truism that Americans take for granted the fact that food is so accessible and cheap, Reading the recent series on farm workers in Mexico, published by the Los Angeles Times, one young farm... Read more.

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Investigative piece may influence perceptions and expectations

The Los Angeles Times series on Mexican farm workers has concluded, but it is safe to say that the four-part coverage will continue to influence public perceptions and industry actions for some time... Read more.

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Telling the story of Mexican produce takes on new dimensions

The second in the four-part Los Angeles Times series on farm labor in Mexico was published today, and it examines the plight of two workers at a labor camp for Bioparques de Occidente, a grower that... Read more.

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