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West and South keep adding folks

The Census Bureau has reported population estimates up to July 1 in all the 50 states and Puerto Rico. For me, freshly minted Census stats always elicit a “gee-whiz” reaction, and the latest... Read more.

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New Web tools make USDA data easy to grab

Key Fruit and vegetable statistics were updated yesterday by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service. When I visited the ERS site, I found that the data is accessible with interactive... Read more.

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SOTU: here’s what you will miss tonight

President Obama’s State of the Union address is tonight, and only a fraction of the U.S. will consider it “must-see TV." A Time story about TV viewership of the SOTU address said the president... Read more.

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Recess before lunch = more fruit and veggie consumption

Ask any first grader — just about anything in life is made better by recess. You remember recess — with the boundary-less soccer games, spontaneous sprints across the playground, the... Read more.

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