Americans use tax refunds to buy more produce - just kidding

A few musings on Monday morning, on the day before tax day. Will Americans spend their tax refunds on more produce purchases? One can hope, I suppose, but a realist would not put too much stock in... Read more.

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Organic wave: at the crest?

Is organic’s popularity at its crest or still rising? The obvious answer is “still rising,” of course. But Washington Post coverage of organic, “Is it better for your health? A look... Read more.

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Touting health benefits bring sales gains

If you were living under a rock, there is a chance you might not have heard of a recent study from the United Kingdom indicating great health results (longer life) from eating seven servings of fruits... Read more.

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Twittering about Sesame today?

One of the great aspects of twitter is the ability for real-time conversations. I say “conversations” in the loosest possible sense because often these conversations are isolated individual micro-bursts of... Read more.

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