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Google auto complete is instant market research

Everyone has used the Google search bar, am I right? Okay, perhaps not my 80-something year old father, but everyone else in the U.S. under the age of 60 has used the Google search bar. Have you ever... Read more.

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Gridlock (again) and aiming higher in Oklahoma

Checking out the Web this morning, there is a lot of buzz about Tuesday elections and the aftermath. In my view, though there may be a change in the Senate to Republican majority, I see more gridlock... Read more.

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Rating systems get failing grade

F is for Futility. That’s the best grade I can muster for a plethora of privately developed new food and produce-rating systems being marketed to consumers these days. Whole Foods recently introduced... Read more.

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Aldi tortures retailers of all kinds

Dadgumit, Aldi. Must you torture the retailers at the high end as well as the low end? I saw today that Aldi in the United Kingdom is expanding their organic line, and the U.S. Aldi website also advertises... Read more.

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