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Confounded confections: Lidl gives parents a needed hand

Can supermarkets influence the health of their consumers? If so, should retailers be graded - a kind of sustainability standard for customer health - for their efforts? The world does need help. It... Read more.

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Megalomania and other modest propositions

As a modest Midwest journalist, I suppose it surprises me to think that there are really people that read what I write. It is the opposite ego trip to the notion - which I am susceptible to as well... Read more.

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If not for Michelle

Where would school nutrition standards be without First Lady Michelle Obama? The lady has certainly done more than her share to promote healthy eating in the last several years, and her remarks to school... Read more.

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High-risk designation: recipe for disaster

Is there anyway to overcome the distinction of being tabbed by Food and Drug Administration as a “high risk” food? Perhaps one fanciful marketing tack to consumers would go something like... Read more.

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