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GOP looks to win the soda vote

Politico’s Morning Ag report says House Republicans want to derail some of the USDA’s school lunch reforms in the appropriations process. Good grief, the GOP is no friend to the fresh produce... Read more.

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Star power dim for produce promotions

Outside of a few Olympic athletes, top foodie bloggers and celebrity chefs, the produce industry hasn’t tried very hard to recruit flesh and blood celebrity endorsements. (We’ll set aside... Read more.

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Taking stock of global warming

When I was in college in the early 1980s, I took a course in earth sciences (can’t place the name of the course.. environmental something) and I vaguely recall the professor talking about the... Read more.

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Local food appeal strong, but trust in grocers must improve

A new survey on local food and consumer is out, called “Ripe for Grocers: the local food movement.” Published by AT Kearney, report takes an extensive look at the appeal of local foods... Read more.

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