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Food safety law is X event for the food industry

I’m reading an e-book right now called “X events: the collapse of everything.” Cheery, right? The book, authored by John Casti, examines various doomsday scenarios for human society, ranging from super... Read more.

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Data shows ascension of niche apple varieties

Sell. More. Apples. That’s the point, isn’t it? Sherry Frey, vice president of Chicago-based Nielsen Perishables Group, had a presentation at the U.S. Apple Association’s Apple Crop Outlook & Marketing... Read more.

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Hillary Clingstone, Henry Kiwifruit and other peace ambassadors

Russia cut off its nose to spite its face, but now it is looking to stem some of the bleeding. In slapping sanctions against agricultural imports from the U.S. and the European Union in early August,... Read more.

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Apple anticipation begins for industry gathering

The approach of the U.S. Apple Association Aug. 21-22 meeting later this week will be another chance for me to make the short hop to Chicago for an industry event, following earlier trips for the United... Read more.

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