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Census Data Mapper makes my list

One way to get a quick handle on mind-numbing statistics is to see them expressed visually. In that way, the Census Bureau’s “Census Data Mapper” is very helpful indeed. Today I added... Read more.

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News flash: organic demand still headed higher

In 2002, The Packer’s Tom Burfield wrote a story with the lead, “If you’re into organic fruits and vegetables, you’re not alone.” That reassurance from the early days of mainstream organic... Read more.

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Looking at the why behind the berry boom

Working again this morning with a battered pair of one-stemmed reading glasses. Ridiculous, but true. I must have three pairs of cheap readers that have broken down in the last week. I contributed... Read more.

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New portal look for USDA market news

Get psyched! The U.S. Department of Agriculture has released a new-look fruit and vegetable market news portal. From an e-mail sent out Nov. 28: Over the last several months the USDA Market News... Read more.

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