National Editor Tom Karst
National Editor Tom Karst

I have to think that Downton Abbey is one of the United Kingdom's top exports these days.

After all, does anything else relevant come from the UK?

For some irrepressible reason, my wife and I have been watching one episode after another of the period piece on Amazon Prime this month, finally catching up with the current season. The cast of characters is wonderfully restrained compared with typical U.S. dramas and sitcoms.

While the UK can send their Masterpiece Theater handicraft to the U.S. it is unfortunate that the U.S. is not sending more fresh produce to the UK and all of Europe.

Recent trade statistics from the USDA point to a paucity of exports:

Total U.S. fresh fruit exports to the EU-27 were $108 million from January to November 2012, off 9% from 2011

U.S. fresh citrus exports for the same period were off 22%, with January through November exports at $36 million in 2012, compared with complete year sales of $65 million in 2008

Noncitrus fruit exports from January through November were $71.9 million, way down compared with the complete-year total of $133 million in 2008.

One bright spot: U.S. fresh vegetable exports were up $52 million from January though November 2012, up 9% from the corresponding number from 2011.


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