National Editor Tom Karst
National Editor Tom Karst

To my feigned surprise (because I know I am kind of a big deal), I receive many e-mails from publicists of various foods and beverages. When I go through my email each morning, I assign these hopeful messages to a subfolder for later review. They just aren't in my wheelhouse of fresh produce marketing. Yet I just can't bring myself to delete them and regulate them to eternal oblivion. Today is the day where I recall some of those emails and shine a little light from the Fresh Talk blog on these overlooked topics.

The subfolder has 76 entries, so I obviously won't touch all the bases today. But here is a sampling:

From the foodie inbox:

1. Wine Battles Introduce New Year’s Salute with Bubbly
--Entertain your holiday guests with the first-ever Champagne Battle--

Gist: "Wine Battles is a tournament style social wine game where you drink amazing wines to become a more knowledgeable wine enthusiast. This New Year they bring you the “New Year’s Salute”—a social champagne game."

Best line:  "Celebrate the New Year with a buzz and an education."

Source/agency: Wine Battles/Olive PR Solutions

2. Seaweed is Washing Ashore in More Kitchens Across the Country -Seaweed Becomes Popular Ingredient in Dozens of Dishes

Gist: "From spinach to arugula, greens can easily dress up any dish so restaurants from coast to coast are taking a unique under the sea approach and sprucing up their menu with the hottest new ingredient- seaweed!"

Best line: "Delectable Dungeness Crab is taken to new depths with Joslin’s Sesame Seaweed Salad, which includes a medley of Wakame seaweed, Napa cabbage and ginger vinaigrette."

Source/Agency: Wild Mushroom Steakhouse/Empower Public Relations

3. ‘tis the Season for Potlucks – What Foods Travel Well?
A noted cookbook author suggests some easy on-the-go holiday dishes any hostess would love

Gist: "You’ve been invited to yet another holiday potluck dinner or office shindig, but what to bring?"
Best line: "Grace O admits bringing food to a party can be tricky. Your dish has to be prepared ahead of time, survive being packed and transported, and look elegant once it’s plated at the party site. Also, it needs to taste great at room temperature."

Source: Grace Ouano/Scout PR

4. How about a post on adding some old-world class to your holiday party fare?

Gist: "No longer just the fish of your grandparents’ generation, sardines make for great entertaining inspiration. Top a cracker with sardine, avocado and a splash of lemon, work up a piquillo pepper and sardine tartine or cook up sardine deviled eggs or beer battered sardines with wasabi mayo!"

Best Line: "Caught along the central California coastline from the same fishery which made Monterey’s Cannery Row famous, each tasty, nutritional powerhouse is free of artificial ingredients or fillers."

Source: Wild Planet Sardines/Crier Communications

5. Three easy breakfasts to tame your New Year's Eve hangover

Gist: "How do you soothe a New Year's Eve hangover? Breakfast food that offers comfort without effort. To that end, Chef Nisa Burns shares three easy hangover-helpers from her book Kitchenability 101 below."

Best line: "After a night of NYE partying, potassium-rich bananas are your friend and can help take the edge off the headache and nausea."

Source: Nisa Burns/PRbythebook

Rats! There are still 72 or so foodie emails left to sort through and that won't get done today.

For those dogged publicists who keep sending releases to my inbox, keep it up if you must.  One pointer: send a link to the news release online. That could improve your coverage here at Fresh Talk. With any luck, I may eventually work my way down the foodie blogger list to "a checklist of pantry must haves," "sweets by mail," "eight gifts to build confidence in new cooks," "mouthwatering vegetarian recipes" and so on.