National Editor Tom Karst
National Editor Tom Karst

  There is more booth babe controversy, this time from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Check out coverage of the company that some say may get "booth babes" banned from future CES shows.

The hot topic has attracted over 70 comments in a long-running thread at the LinkedIn Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group.

I'm not sure that body paint and nothing else on women would ever be attempted at a mainstream produce show in the U.S. Let's hope not, in any case, or else our women leaders in the produce business may decide to form yet another trade association with more enlightened guidance to exhibitors.

By the way, the Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group now has over 5,900 members. That is up from 2,850 the same time a year ago.

Other fun facts about the group:

21% of the membership are managers

4% live in the Los Angeles area, 2% in Salinas

4% are retailers, 5% wholesalers and 9% are farmers, and 32% are involved in food and beverage production.

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