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FDA data dump for the produce safety rules: highlights

01/06/2013 08:20:00 PM
Tom Karst

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Overview: FDA strengthens food safety foundation


“Preventing problems before they cause harm is not only common sense, it is the key to food safety in the 21st century,” says FDA Commissioner Margaret A.
Hamburg, M.D. “We cannot afford to wait until people become ill to realize there is a problem.”  

Summary page: The New Food Safety Modernization Act

Key link: Get FSMA updates by email


Food Safety Modernization Act: Frequently Asked Questions

Key Question:

PT.3.4 When will FDA begin developing recordkeeping requirements for high-risk foods, as directed by FSMA?
Once the product tracing pilots are completed, and other data are gathered, the Agency will begin the development of a proposed rule.

PT.3.5 Will FDA expand requirements for recordkeeping requirements to foods that are not designated as high risk?
No. FSMA specifies that additional recordkeeping requirements developed under section 204 must apply only to high risk foods. FDA will be seeking input from stakeholders in considering whether to develop voluntary guidance for foods beyond those designated as high risk to enhance product tracing in the supply chain.

PT.3.6 Will FDA recommend certain product tracing technologies either for the pilot or for future regulations and potential guidance?
FDA does not plan to recommend specific software or systems at any of these stages. Rather, FDA will focus on the elements of a product tracing system that enable rapid and effective tracing of food products. Under section 204, FDA is not permitted to prescribe specific technologies to maintain records in the context of the additional recordkeeping requirements for high-risk foods.


Summary: Produce Safety Standards

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PA  |  January, 07, 2013 at 07:21 AM

If produce hadn't had so many outbreaks in recent years I would feel for the produce industry. Because they haven't on their own, taken the inititive to ensure produce safety, Government had to step in. Now they reap the benefit of it. There is more to come. As growers, you should know, you reap what you so. You didn't want regulation, there wasn't any but lots of outbreaks so here is what you get. Like it or get out.

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