National Editor Tom Karst
National Editor Tom Karst

In mere moments, the Produce Marketing Assocation's Fresh Summit 2012 will be underway. Keep up with the ebb and flow of the show with the Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group's Going to PMA discussion thread.

So far there are ten comments so be sure to check out the vibe from the show and add your own perspective in real time. 

Numbers at Anaheim show will be no problem, as well-connected source revealed that the show will break attendance records.

Topping the list of headlines this morning,  the American Academy of Pediatrics has weighed in on the merit of organic food for children. The verdict: mixed.

From the AAP news release:

While organic foods have the same vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, lipids and other nutrients as conventional foods, they also have lower pesticide levels, which may be significant for children. Organically raised animals are also less likely to be contaminated with drug-resistant bacteria because organic farming rules prohibit the non-therapeutic use of antibiotics.
However, in the long term, there is currently no direct evidence that consuming an organic diet leads to improved health or lower risk of disease. However, no large studies in humans have been performed that specifically address this issue.
“What’s most important is that children eat a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat or fat-free dairy products, whether those are conventional or organic foods. This type of diet has proven health benefits,” said Janet Silverstein, MD, FAAP, a member of the AAP Committee on Nutrition and one of the lead authors of the report.


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